The Sound of a Smarter Solution

The Sound of a Smarter Solution

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Delivering innovative, high quality solutions is our passion !

We passionately believe that Information Technology (IT) plays a major role as an enabler of sustainability and security. Since 2007, Zip Zap IT has kept customers at the forefront of innovation by successfully delivering innovative and quality enterprise business solutions to the US Government, private industry, and the healthcare sector. Our service projects range from business consulting to technical services, specialized software development and training, all supported by the best practice tools, processes and methodologies. We passionately believe that Information Technology (IT) plays a major role as an enabler of sustainability and security.

Zip Zap IT is a leader in developing and delivering high quality, innovative, enterprise business solutions. We passionately believe that Information Technology has a major role to play as an enabler of sustainability & security.

Listen. Learn. Design. Develop. Deliver.

Zip Zap IT Solutions' goal of understanding your industry, your business, your challenges and your objectives is at the heart of what we do. Discovering the ways we can add value, and fusing that with our technical expertise, is how powerful software solutions are born.

Enterprise Architecture

We work with clients to develop IT architecture that improves their business performance in terms of revenue, time-to-market, and flexibility, and also reduces IT spend. The individual models produced in the EA process are arranged in a logical manner, and this provides an ever-increasing degree of detail about the enterprise, generally including (but not limited to):

● Enterprise goals and objectives
● Enterprise capabilities, values streams, and information
● Enterprise portfolio of business solutions
● Enterprise technologies and resources

The term “enterprise architecture” has various uses. In some cases, EA practices may focus on the outputs (“the noun”) rather than the practice of EA.

Enterprise Software Intergration

Our application development expertise includes:

1. Innovative use of leading-edge technology
2. Project Management and governance processes
3. Solutions integration into existing legacy environments
4. Application development to suit your organization
5. Collaborative development approach
6. Rapid Application Development

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Zip Zap IT can assist you in identifying and developing content management strategies. In addition, we can help you build easy-to-use solutions to surface your content to a variety of channels, including web sites and mobile devices, as well as within your existing applications.

Change Management
Deploying an ECM solution will impact a number of key business processes. Zip Zap IT can help you with a well-planned and executed organization change based on the knowledge and experience we have gained in implementing ECM solutions.

Migration & Testing
Zip Zap IT has developed a set of reusable tools that will allow our teams to extract content from a variety of systems and migrate it to the new solution. Through rigorous testing, we achieve the right balance between automated and manual testing, ensuring successful migration of your content.

Reusable Templates and Assets
A set of assets will get your site up and running quickly, while still providing friendly templates complete with analytics and assistance in meeting the guidelines.

Software Development Services

Zip Zap IT Solutions provides a range of software design and development services across the full software development lifecycle, from the inception of an idea through to deployment, support, and ongoing maintenance.

Agile Delivery Methodologies

Zip Zap IT Solutions has a strong history in delivering agile projects. This has enabled close interaction and collaboration with the customer, ensuring better quality and customer satisfaction. The agile process, including the delivery of working software at the end of iterations, provides customers with a vital feedback loop, critical for the shaping of the future of the software. This approach facilitates the allowance of changing requirements and designs to accommodate developing business needs.

IT Strategy & Organization

We help clients develop IT strategies that are tightly aligned to business goals and corporate priorities, and to design organization and governance approaches to deliver the highest value. Many organizations have a lot of applications that support indispensable processes in the business areas, that with time become tasks in which a lot of resources have to be invested for their management and maintenance. Additionally the licenses and upgrade costs of too many applications result in large investments.

Having a proper IT strategy, supported by experts that know the industry, you will be able to determine the solutions that can generate greater benefits and define the best way of managing your applications, thus considerably reducing your investments in IT solutions while implementing higher performance solutions.

Adobe Digital Enterprise LiveCycle & Forms

Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform Document Services (formerly known as LiveCycle ES / ES2) Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise suite is an enterprise document and form platform that helps the client capture and process information, deliver personalized communications, and protect and track sensitive information. LiveCycle ES4 extends business processes to your mobile workforce and clients, increasing productivity while broadening service access to any user equipped with a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Whether you have a simple single-page form or several complex, multi-page forms, we can help. Zip Zap IT develops a wide variety of PDF forms projects, no matter how small or how large they may be. We have designed and developed forms for Grants.Gov, SBA, USDA, MedNet, & USMS.

Innovative Technologies

Zip Zap IT Solutions has a solid history and deep knowledge in all of today’s key technologies including Java, Microsoft, .NET, Ruby on Rails, HTML, SharePoint, Unix, and Solaris. These are supported by our extensive experience in solutions services and are aligned with our strong architectural foundations.

Application Monitoring & User Experience

Zip Zap IT Solutions provide application monitoring in order to help your organization oversee and control the performing of your mission-critical enterprise applications.
User experience (UX) focuses on the end-to-end experience someone has using your site, application or product. Zip Zap IT UX capability focuses on six critical elements: balance, understanding, meeting expectations, desirability, focus and return on investment. It’s all about ensuring you have the right solution for your business in order to deliver the desired outcome.

Data Center Hosting Services

We can help you maximize the protection, availability and reliability of your systems. Soter Data Center Hosting Services for Zip Zap IT Solutions provide a state-of-the-art approach to ensure your infrastructure is safe, secure and ready any time you need it. A unique two story Tier III & Tier IV design specifications, with MEP on the first floor and the data center located securely on the second floor as well as 150’ security surround, designed to Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DRTA) standards.

Over 25 Years experience in IT Solutions and Project delivery.

Product delivery is the process of people across the organization working together to design, scope, build and deliver products to customers that solve real problems and create business value in new ways. Product delivery is bigger than mere collaborative product development. Product delivery is a business process that begins at the concept phase and goes all the way to delivery into customers’ hands.

We believe in an iterative approach to requirements specification, design, development and testing. We encourage the use of repeatable and disciplined processes to deliver desired outcomes. This pragmatic approach to project delivery is tailored to suit you, keeping communication clear and organizational overheads to a minimum.

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