Application Services

Digital transformation poses significant challenges for federal agencies. System owners need to create a roadmap for modernizing applications in a cloud-first world, building an ecosystem to connect new business and reshaping their IT process to implement continuous delivery.

Zip Zap IT delivers modern application-development methodologies, tools, infrastructures, and work cultures enabling responsive, intuitive, and mission-focused solutions for our government customers.

Our application services roadmap integrates and tailors Agile, DevOps, Cloud-native application development, while our customers and user experience disciplines to accelerate delivery of secure, elastic and resilient application solutions.


We apply Agile techniques at scale, tailored to our government customers, accelerating their delivery of value.


We provide services to optimize collaboration and automation of value flow from development to deployment to operations.

Cloud-native application design & development

We build applications designed to be resilient and scalable leveraging modern cloud platforms.

Application Modernization

We develop services to efficiently evaluate and transform legacy applications that are optimized for modern cloud platforms and aligned with business objectives.

Customer and User Experience

Our human-centered design to align systems and services with their user's needs, increasing performance and end-user satisfaction.

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