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Zip Zap IT Solutions is not your ordinary IT company. We are a dynamic collective of designers, architects, developers, and engineers who believe in crafting systems that seamlessly blend with your agency's needs. Our passion for excellence is unparalleled, and we approach every project dedicated to unleashing the power of innovation.

As a HUBZone certified, ISO 9001:2015 standard company, Zip Zap stands at the forefront of digital transformation, delivering an array of cutting-edge solutions and services that bolster security and drive mission success for esteemed U.S. defense, civilian, and healthcare agencies..

Imagine a world without IT limitations, full of forward-thinking technology, strategy, and IT management.

Every day, our team come to work with one focus – our customers’ missions. Whether it's protecting citizens or advancing the boundaries of science, these missions are some of the most important and challenging in the world. We bring an unwavering commitment to help our customers succeed, and it’s that sense of purpose and opportunity to make a difference in the world that drives us every day.