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Attorney Grievance Commission (AGC) of the State of Maryland

Manassas, VA – July 30, 2022. Zip Zap IT Solutions (Zip Zap IT), a HUBZone certified, ISO 9001:2015 standard company, is proud to announce the award of a software modernization for the Attorney Grievance Commission (AGC) of the State of Maryland.
Zip Zap IT Solutions, LLC (Zip Zap) is a national leader in digital transformation, providing one of the most comprehensive portfolios on the market. For this contract, Zip Zap IT experts propose a refactor of the current AGC-Peer Review system, from a client server solution into a modernized Web-based application.

Zip Zap IT is excited to work with AGC stakeholders to ensure the utmost success with the task. The contract is for one base year and 2 option years for Operations and Maintenance (O&M). The system, containing sensitive information, will be handled with the highest regard to security by seasoned professionals familiar with the process of managing sensitive government materials.

The contract presents a unique opportunity to work in tandem with other federal and state contractors chosen by the Commission. While the system will be hosted in an environment provided by the State of Maryland.

About the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland
The Attorney Grievance Commission oversees the conduct of both Maryland attorneys and nonmembers of the Maryland Bar who engage in the practice of law in the State. The Office of Bar Counsel investigates and, where indicated, prosecutes attorneys whose conduct violates the Maryland Attorneys’ Rules of Professional Conduct as well as those engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. Bar Counsel also reviews notifications of overdrafts on attorney escrow accounts. Learn more at https://www.courts.state.md.us/attygrievance.

About Zip Zap IT Solutions
Zip Zap IT Solutions is a leader in developing and delivering high quality, innovative, enterprise business solutions. Since 2007 Zip Zap IT has kept customers at the forefront of innovation. By mastering technology and project delivery, we implement and constantly improve information technology (IT) designs that marry security and simplicity. For more information visit https://www.zipzapsolutions.com